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發布日期:2017-01-16 瀏覽:


The KF-30 automatic measurement system is designed to detect the surfaces of different materials using the confocal, non-contact measuring  

technique, and then displays the results three-dimensionally. A typical application for the KF-30 is in dental research, where system is used to
measure the biting surfaces of dental implants and to analyse the resulting abrasions. The system is already doing this at the Munich polyclinic.

The  surface  to  be  measured  is  displayed  visually  by  a CCD camera. The desired area is marked directly in the live image. Up to eight

surfaces can be measured automatically. The software supplied with the sensor displays the  data  as  a  three-dimensional  surface.  Up  to  0.12

μm resolution  is  achieved  using  the  confocal  sensor  technique. The system can be used on surfaces ranging from plastic, to paper, fibre

matting, glass and metal.





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